Cover, frontispiece and inside illustrations Takatsuki Noboru
Story : Kaori Ginya

Silver Chaos
Original Work : VividColor
Story : Kaori Ginya
Original Plan : Takatsuki Noboru

This story is fiction and any real people, schools and incidents are not related at all.

Silver Chaos7
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Silver Chaos
Silver Chaos Character Introductions

He has a strong sense of justice, he hates perverse things. After his childhood friend Adonis disappears after a certain incident he travels the world searching for him, taking in waves of fate.

Leica Kitto
He's a lone wolf that works for rewards. At a glance he seems like someone that's hard to deal with, he seems self-centered but at a crucial moment he's reliable.

Might's childhood friend.
He's a gentle young man, Might loves him like a little brother.

The World of Silver Chaos
Swords and magic, people and monsters coexist in this world.
Allgreen Kingdom: King Sergei Claudius governs the kingdom. The king is a military man, therefore fencing, magic and the like are taught around the country.
Training School: Fencing, magic, assassination techniques and such are taught. Because of the costs of reparation for the country, it's customary that orphans with no relatives go to the trainng schools.
Orphanage: Because of the devil's appearance about ten years ago, there's a tremendous increase of orphans. The orphans are filling up the orphanages now.

Lorence Lancaster
He's the leader of the Knights of the Court.
He is a polite and diligent character.

Hector Brice
He practices assassination techniques at the same training school as Might.

An animal person.
Might accidentally helped him.

Kurt Howell
A priest in the Varorja temple that can communicate with the gods.

A god that bears the window between the world of man and the heavens.

Sergei Claudius
The Kingdom of Allgreen's king.

In addition to appearing in the novel, these charming characters also appear in the game!

Werne Claudius
The Kingdom of Allgreen's prince.

The person in charge of the prince's education.


Silver Chaos


The boys ran through the dark forest in a downpour.