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Often times people have no idea how much it will cost to translate a project. The final cost depends on how many kanji and kana (Japanese letters) there are total, so quotes are always a rough estimate. Here I'm providing examples that people can use for comparison. I will add more over time.

Light text: 29 characters - $2.18 Medium text: 58 characters - $4.35 Heavy text: 120 characters - $9.00

How the final price is determined:

Every translation also comes with a transcription of the original text. The program I use counts the kanji and kana. I have a calculator that figures out the total cost, including the (+$.30 + 2.9%) Paypal fees.

The "Kanji + Kana" only counts the Japanese letters. "Japanese Symbols" includes things like periods and question marks and isn't included in the price.
Here is another example.

As shown, only the first three letters count under "kanji + kana", and they would be the only part used for a quote.

Images used are for informational purposes only. The Tales of Vesperia manga was produced by Ascii Media Works.