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I'm creating a chart because many Japanese onomatopoeia don't have English equivalents. People who get translations can easily look up what the sounds are describing; I'll try to make it as complete as possible. If you don't find a SFX here you can check The Jaded Network.

If you see a voiceless and voiced version of the same sound, the voiced sound is typically "louder" or "more intense" than the voiceless version.
For example, "ton ton" (とんとん) can be a light knocking on the door, whereas "don don" (どんどん) is much louder.

Acha (あちゃ) - Remorse

Agi agi (あぎあぎ) - Bite or gnaw

Agu agu (あぐあぐ) - Bite

Arayotto (あらよっと) - A small saying for when you're doing a simple physical task. It can be translated as little phrases like, "Here we go" or "Heave ho".

Atsu atsu (あつあつ) - 1. Something very hot.
2. A couple passionately in love.

Appu appu (あっぷあっぷ) - Someone flailing or drowning in water.

Ba (ばっ) - A crashing or banging sound.

Bacchiri (ばっちり) - On the mark. Sure thing.

Bachi (ばち) - A crackling sound.

Bagu (ばぐ) - Impact sound.

Baki (ばき) - Impact sounds.

Ban (ばん) - 1. A bang or bam-like sound.
2. Sometimes adds dramatic effect to a scene.

Bara bara (ばらばら) - 1. A rattling sound, or a sound like hail falling to the ground.
2. Describes something that's in pieces, all over, scattered around.
3. A rattling sound.

Bari bari (ばりばり) - 1. Describes a crunching sound.
2. Describes doing something energetically.
3. Describes something hard.
4. Ripping. Scratching.

Basa basa (ばさばさ) - Something rustling or loose.

Bashan (ばしゃん) - A splash.

Bashi (ばしっ) - Impact sound.

Bata bata (ばたばた) - 1. Describes the sound made by objects flapping (such as a flag in the wind.)
2. Describes objects falling in a row.
3. It can also describe someone rushing.

Batan (ばたん) - Slamming, such as a door.

Becho (べちょ) - Dropping something.

Bee bee da (べえべえだ) - Sound made when someone pulls down their eyelid and sticks out their tongue.

Bera bera (べらべら) - Non-stop chatter. Especially if they say things they shouldn't.

Bero bero (べろべろ) - 1. Licking.
2. Drunken.

Beta beta (べたべた) - 1. Sticking or clinging.
2. Covering a surface all over (with something like paint).

Betari (べたり) - Sticking together.

Beto beto (べとべと) - Something sticky.

Bi, biii (びっ、びいいっ) - A high pitched sound, often like a beep. Can be someone screaming.

Bicha bicha (びちゃびちゃ) - Small splash.

Bichi bichi (びちびち) - Flopping.

Biku (びくっ) - Surprised.

Biku biku (びくびく) - It describes trembling, or someone being scared.

Biri biri (びりびり) - 1. Describes an electric shock.
2. Ripping.
3. Vibrating.

Biron (びろん) - Tongue hanging out.

Bishi (びしっ) - Whip. Smack. Slap.

Bishi bishi (びしびし) - 1. Relentlessly.
2. Smack.

Bisho bisho (びしょびしょ) - Describes something being soaking wet.

Bo (ぼっ) - 1. The sound of a flame.
2. Being sluggish.

Bochan (ぼちゃん) - With a splash. A drip.

Bochi bochi (ぼちぼち) - 1. Little by little.
2. Not bad. Passable.

Bodo bodo (ぼどぼど) - Hemorrhaging blood, enough that would need urgent medical care.

Bokan (ぼかん) - Impact.

Boketto (ぼけっと) - Stupified. Blank stare.

Boko boko (ぼこぼこ) - 1. Full of holes.
2. Bubbling.
3. Hollow sounding.

Bon (ぼん) - Magical transformation sound.

Bon bon (ぼんぼん) - 1. Fiercly (like a fire burning.
2. Ding dong of a clock.
3. Repeated bangs.
4. Man from a well-to-do family.

Bonyari (ぼんやり) - Absent-minded.

Boro boro (ぼろぼろ) - 1. Something that's damaged.
2. Being mentally or physically fatigued.
3. Small objects falling, such as crumbling dirt.
4. Describes a web of lies being unraveled.

Bosa bosa (ぼさぼさ) - 1. Unkempt hair, brushes or other things with bristles.
2. Being lazy.

Boso boso (ぼそぼそ) - 1. Whispering. Muttering.
2. Dry and crumbling.
3. Tasteless. No flavor.

Bota bota (ぼたぼた) - Dripping.

Bote (ぼて) - Falling.

Boto boto (ぼとぼと) - Falling.

Botsu botsu (ぼつぼつ) - Spirited. Enegertically.

Buchi (ぶち) - Snap. Whip. Lash.

Buchi buchi (ぶちぶち) - Ripping.

Buchu (ぶちゅ) - Kiss.

Bui (ぶい) - Making the 'V' shape with your fingers.

Buku buku (ぶくぶく) - 1. Describes something obese or fat.
2. Describes bubbles or gargling.
3. Describes something that is loose-fitting.

Bun (ぶん) - Swishing sound.
Bunchacha (ぶんちゃちゃ) - Music beats.

Bura bura (ぶらぶら) - 1. A heavy object dangling and swinging.
2. Meandering or strolling.
3. Loafing.

Burororo (ぶろろろ) - Engine sound.

Buru buru (ぶるぶる) - Shaking or trembling.

Bushu (ぶしゅ) - Steam or liquid being forcefully pushed through. An example would be a gaspipe that was leaking.

Busu busu (ぶすぶす) - 1. Smoldering.
2. Muttering.

Butsu butsu (ぶつぶつ) - 1. Muttering or grumbling.
2. Describes something lumpy or full of holes; like pimples or a rash.
3. Describes continuously cutting something into pieces.

Buun (ぶーん) - 1. Buzzing.
2. Swish.

Buyo buyo (ぶよぶよ) - Soft and flabby.

Byu (びゅ) - Quick movement.

Chaka chaka (ちゃかちゃか) - Moving around restlessly. Fidgeting.

Chapon (ちゃぽん) - Sound of hitting water.

Chapu (ちゃぷ) - Sound of hitting water.

Chara chara (ちゃらちゃら) - A rattling or clattering. Jingle.

Chari (ちゃり) - A metal sound. Can be something like a car tire that's loose. "Ching". A small metal object hitting something.

Chariin (ちゃりーん) - A jingle or ching.

Chi chi (ちち) - 1. High pitched noise.
2. Slowness. Lagging.

Chi chi chi (ちちち) - Calling a cat.

Chibi chibi (ちびちび) - Describes prolonging something by doing it bit by bit.

Chiku chiku (ちくちく) - Describes being pricked by a sharp object.

Chira chira (ちらちら) - 1. Fluttering or flickering.
2. Something you see or hear sporadically.
3. A sideways glance.

Chirari (ちらり) - 1. At a glance.
2. By accident.

Chiri chiri (ちりちり) - 1. Frizzy (hair).
2. In bits and pieces.
3. A tingle or shiver.

Chirin (ちりん) - Chime.

Chiron (ちろん) - Sideways glance.

Chiyahoya (ちやほや) - Pamper. Spoil.

Chobo chobo (ちょぼちょぼ) - 1. Toddling or hobbling.
2. Moving about restlessly.
3. Describes finishing something easily.

Choki choki (ちょきちょき) - Cutting.

Chokon (ちょこん) - Small and quiet.

Chon chon (ちょんちょん) - The sound of wooden clappers clapping. I've also seen it used with metal lightly tapping metal. Chu (ちゅ) - 1. Kiss.
2. Suck.

Chun chun (ちゅんちゅん) - Chirping.

Da da da (だだだ) - The sound of running.

Dan (だん) - Bam, bang.

Dara dara (だらだら) - 1. Dripping; pouring. Oozing.
2. Long, gentle slope.
3. Sluggishly, taking forever.

Dere dere (でれでれ) - 1. Often describes something like a man fawning over a woman. Being lovestruck and acting silly.
2. Sloppy.

Do (どっ) - 1. A loud crash or bang.
2. A loud heartbeat.

Do do do (どどど) - 1. Heavy footsteps.
2. Punches.

Dobi (どび) - A kick that missed.

Doka (どか) - Impact.

Doka doka (どかどか) - 1. Noisy, loud footsteps.
2. A crowd, all together.

Doki doki (どきどき) - The heart pounding.

Dokkiin (どっきーん) - A loud heartbeat.

Dokun (どくん) - Loud heartbeat.

Don don (どんどん) - 1. A drumming sound; loud.
2. Describes something that keeps going steadily or quickly.

Dopyu (どぴゅ) - Spurting.

Doro doro (どろどろ) - 1. Something covered in mud; sticky, syrupy.
2. Mixed or muddled emotions.

Doron (どろん) - Magical transformation sound.

Dorya (どりゃ) - Fighting cry.

Dosa (どさ) - Thud. A large object/body hitting the floor.

Dosa dosa (どさどさ) - 1. Throwing multiple objects in succession.
2. All at once in great numbers.

Doshin (どしん) - Impact.

Dosshu (どっしゅ) - Cut through bone.

Dosu (どす) - Spurting.

Dotabata (どたばた) - 1. Running around confused.
2. Noisily.

Dote (どて) - Fall. Impact.

Doyon (どよん) - Sluggish, exhausted, depressed.

Echira ochira (えっちらおっちら) - Something done with a lot of effort.

Ehen (えへん) - Ahem.

Ga (がっ) - Impact.

Gaba gaba (がばがば) - 1. Over-sized.
2. In large quantities.
3. Gurgling.

Gabu gabu がぶがぶ) - Guzzling down.

Gacha (がちゃ) - Click.

Gachari (がちゃり) - Click.

Gakin (がきん) - Clash. Clang.

Gaku gaku (がくがく) - 1. Something that has become loose (that is usually fixed to one spot).
2. Trembling.

Gakun (がくん) - Fall.

Gakunto (がくんと) - 1. Suddenly. With a jerk.
2. Collapse.

Gakuri (がくり) - Fall.

Gami gami (がみがみ) - Nagging.

Gan (がん) - 1. Thump. Thud.
2. Revelation.
3. Difficult.

Gan gan (がんがん) - Strong action.

Gapu (がぷ) - Chomp.

Gara gara (がらがら) - 1. Clattering. Rattling. Gargling.
2. Empty.
3. Raspy. Gravelly.
4. A rattle, like in a baby's toy.

Garan (がらん) - Clatter.

Gari (がり) - Biting one's lip.

Gari gari (がりがり) - 1. Skin and bones. Being underweight.
2. A grinding, crunching or scratching sound. Crunchy.
3. Recklessly. Careless.
4. Selfishness.
Gasa gasa (がさがさ) - 1. Rustling.
2. Stealthy.
3. Dry or rough feeling.

Gashan (がしゃん) - Crash.

Gashi (がし) - Grab.

Gashin (がしん) - Crash.

Gasshiri (がっしり) - Firm. Solid. Tough.

Gata (がた) - Fall.

Gata gata (がたがた) - Clatter. Rattle.

Gatan (がたん) - Fall.

Gatsu gatsu (がつがつ) - Describes cravings, such as a burning desire for food.

Gaya gaya (がやがや) - A crowd of people making a lot of noise. Chattering.

Gebo (げぼ) - Vomiting.

Geho geho (げほげほ) - Coughing.

Gehu (げふ) - Burp.

Gennari (げんなり) - Wearily.

Gera gera (げらげら) - Laughing loudly and without control.

Geshi geshi (げしげし) - 1. Wiping.
2. Rustling.

Giku (ぎく) - Surprised.

Gikuri (ぎくり) - With a start. Surprised.

Gin (ぎん) - Glare.

Gira Gira (ぎらぎら) - Something dazzling (can be used to describe a person, too).

Giri giri (ぎりぎり) - 1. Grinding sound.
2. At the last moment. Just barely.

Giro (ぎろ) - Glare; stare.

Gishi gishi (ぎしぎし) - Creaking sound. Squeaking.

Gisu gisu (ぎすぎす) - 1. A strained atmosphere.
2. Someone thin and bony.

Go go go go (ごごごご) - Menacing.

Gocha gocha (ごちゃごちゃ) - 1. A jumble of stuff.
2. Someone complaining about different things.

Gochin (ごちん) - Impact.

Goho goho (ごほごほ) - A wet cough.

Gohon (ごほん) - A wet cough.

Gohu (ごふ) - Cough.

Goku (ごく) - Gulp or swallow.

Gokun (ごくん) - Gulp or swallow.

Goo (ごー) - A roaring sound. Usually that of an engine.

Goro goro (ごろごろ) - 1. Something heavy rolling.
2. Thunder.
3. Purring.
4. Scatter.
5. Idleness.

Goron (ごろん) - Something heavy rolling over.

Goshi goshi (ごしごし) - Scrubbing. Rubbing.

Goso goso (ごそごそ) - Rummaging sound.

Goun (ごうん) - The sound of a washing machine.

Gowa gowa (ごわごわ) - Something stiff.

Gu (ぐっ) - 1. Grab. Pull.
2. Sleep sounds.
3. Stomach growling.

Gu gu gu (ぐぐぐ) - Grumbling or growling.

Gucha (ぐちゃ) - Splat.

Gucha gucha (ぐちゃぐちゃ) - 1. Something soft or soggy (can be stirring it).
2. Something sloppy (such as a room).
3. Grumbling.

Guchi guchi (ぐちぐち) - 1. Mutter. Mumbling.
2. Continuously complain.

Gui (ぐい) - 1. Gulp.
2. Grab.

Gui gui (ぐいぐい) - Describes doing something forcefully (like pulling someone along by the hand).

Gun gun (ぐんぐん) - Something growing quickly.

Gunya (ぐにゃ) - Sudden realization.

Guon (ぐおん) - Sound of a dryer.

Guoo (ぐおお) - The roar of something like a fire.

Gura gura (ぐらぐら) - 1. Stagger, loose, wobbly.
2. Indecisive.

Guri guri (ぐりぐり) - Rubbing while twisting. Giving a noogie.

Guru guru (ぐるぐる) - Something going round and round, being wound up or being moved continuously.

Gusha (ぐしゃ) - Squeeze. Grab. Crush.

Gusha gusha (ぐしゃぐしゃ) - Soggy. Mushy. Crumpled.

Gussuri (ぐっすり) - Sound asleep.

Gutta (ぐった) - 1. Droopy. Limp.
2. Exhausted.

Guttari (ぐったり) - 1. Droopy. Limp.
2. Exhausted.

Gutto (ぐっと) - 1. Firmly. Such as deep concentration.
2. Much. More.

Guutto (ぐうっと) - 1. Firmly. Such as deep concentration.
2. Much. More.

Guzu guzu (ぐずぐず) - 1. Describes someone being sluggish or slow.
2. Describes something uncertain.
3. Grumbling.
4. Describes something that has lost its shape.

Gya (ぎゃっ) - 1. Scream.
2. Grab.

Gyaa gyaa (ぎゃあぎゃあ) - Scream. Squeal. Whine. Grumble.

Gyo (ぎょ) - Shock.

Gyu (ぎゅ) - Gripping or grabbing.

Gyu gyu (ぎゅぎゅ) - 1. Crinkling or creaking sound.
2. Packing something very tightly.
3. Reprimanding someone until they're brought to their knees.

Gyuu (ぎゅう) - Fast motion.

Gyuun (ぎゅうん) - Fast motion.

Haki haki (はきはき) - 1. Speaking or behaving clearly.
2. Quick or brisk.

Hara hara (はらはら) - 1. Being apprehensive.
2. Something fluttering or dripping lightly.
3. The heart pitter-patting.

Hena hena (へなへな) - 1. Bending.
2. Someone losing strength.

Hera hera (へらへら) - Frivolous laughter or speech.

Heto heto (へとへと) - Completely exhausted.

Hiku hiku (ひくひく) - Twitching.

Hira hira (ひらひら) - Fluttering.

Hiri hiri (ひりひり) - 1. Stinging pain.
2. Fluttering.

Hiso hiso (ひそひそ) - Whispering.

Hiya hiya (ひやひや) - 1. Being terrified.
2. Having chills.

Hoka hoka (ほかほか) - Steamy hot (usually food).

Hoya hoya (ほやほや) - Something fresh or new.

Hura hura (ふらふら) - 1. Light-headed, dizzy.
2. Staggering. Tottering.

Huwa huwa (ふわふわ) - Light. Fluffy. Airy.

Hyoro hyoro (ひょろひょろ) - 1. Something long and frail, or lanky.
2. Something that is swaying or unsteady.

Ichi ichi (いちいち) - 1. One by one. In detail.
2. Persistently.

Iji iji (いじいじ) - 1. Reserved, timid or cowardly.
2. Unable to be open or honest.

Iki iki (いきいき) - Lively.

Ira ira (いらいら) - Irritated or angry.

Iso iso (いそいそ) - Cheerfully or excitedly.

Iya iya (いやいや) - Reluctantly.

Iyo iyo (いよいよ) - 1. At last; finally.
2. At the last moment.
3. More and more.
4. Without doubt.

Jabu jabu (じゃぶじゃぶ) - Splashing water.

Jako (じゃこっ) - The sound of preparing to use something (such as a gun).

Jara (じゃら) - A jingling or rattling sound.

Ji ji (ぢぢっ) - A burning sound. Such as smoke.

Jiri jiri (じりじり) - 1. Someone running out of patience.
2. Slowly approaching.
3. The scorching sun.
4. Something burned.
5. An alarm bell.

Jiro jiro (じろじろ) - Staring. Scrutinizing.

Jito jito (じとじと) - Sweaty. Hot and damp.

Jiwa jiwa (じわじわ) - Advancing slowly but steadily.

Kachi kachi (かちかち) - 1. Sounds when solid objects hit each other (such as stones).
2. Can describe someone frozen stiff or scared stiff.

Kan kan (かんかん) - 1. Someone in a rage.
2. Clanging sound objects hit each other (such as metal).
3. Intense heat.
4. Click of heels.

Kara kara (からから) - 1. Rattle. Clatter.
2. Parched. Dry.

Keba keba (けばけば) - Gaudy. Garish.

Kechi kechi (けちけち) - Stingy.

Kibi kibi (きびきび) - Prompt, businesslike or energetic behavior.

Kii (きい) - 1. A high pitched screeching sound. Often something like the squeaking of a door.
2. A scream.
3. Can be a glare, like a glint in someone's eye.

Kiin (きい) - 1. A high pitched screech. Would likely be softer than "kii".

Koro koro (ころころ) - 1. Something small rolling.
2. A high sound that is pleasant.
3. Something fickle, that changes constantly.
4. Something fat and round.

Koso koso (こそこそ) - Stealthy. Sneaky.

Kotsu kotsu (こつこつ) - 1. Tapping, drumming, clicking. Something hard hitting something else.
2. Someone working tirelessly.

Kowa gowa (こわごわ) - Fearful, timid.

Kudo kudo (くどくど) - Tedious, repetitive.

Kune kune (くねくね) - 1. Something curving; bending; winding.
2. Meandering.
3. Wriggling.

Kura kura (くらくら) - Dizzy. Giddy.

Kuru kuru (くるくる) - 1. Small, spinning object.
2. Winding up a long string quickly.
3. Someone quick to take action or think of something.
4. A situation that changes rapidly.

Kusa kusa (くさくさ) - Feeling blue. Depressed.

Kuta kuta (くたくた) - 1. Withered, worn out.
2. Exhausted.
3. Repetitive.
4. Boiled until mushy.

Kuyo kuyo (くよくよ) - Moping. Brooding.

Kyoro kyoro (きょろきょろ) - Glancing around restlessly.

Machi machi (まちまち) - Different, diverse. Often look the same but are actually different.

Mada mada (まだまだ) - 1. Not there yet.
2. More to come.

Maji maji (まじまじ) - Staring. Taking a hard look at something.

Meki meki (めきめき) - Conspicuous.

Meri meri (めりめり) - A tree falling.

Mero mero (めろめろ) - Upset. Distressed.

Meso meso (めそめそ) - Uncontrolled sobbing. Mie mie (みえみえ) - Seeing through something.

Moji moji (もじもじ) - Bashful or hesitant. Squirming.

Mon mon (もんもん) - Anguish. Endless worrying.

Mori mori (もりもり) - 1. Swelling. Rising powerfully.
2. Someone full of zest or gusto.

Mota mota (もたもた) - Slow, inefficient, clumsy.

Mu (むっ) - For when someone is annoyed. Mad.

Mugu (むぐ) - Eating. Munching.

Muka muka (むかむか) - 1. Feeling sick. Queasy.
2. Surge of anger.

Mun mun (むんむん) - 1. Stuffy or crowded.
2. Amorous woman or women.

Mushi mushi (むしむし) - Hot, humid weather. Muggy.

Musu (むす) - Grimace. Anger. Sulky.

Muya muya (むやむや) - Muttering. Sleep talk.

Muzu muzu (むずむず) - 1. Itchy.
2. Impatient.

Naa naa (なあなあ) - Do something via compromise.

Naga naga (ながなが) - Drawn-out. Lengthy. An overly long speech.

Nayo nayo (なよなよ) - Weak. Delicate. Supple.

Neba neba (ねばねば) - Sticky.

Nechi nechi (ねちねち) - 1. Sticky.
2. Persistent.

Niko niko (にこにこ) - All smiles. Smiling.

Nima (にま) - A wide grin.

Niya niya (にやにや) - Grin. Smirk.

Nobi nobi (のびのび) - Relaxed. At ease.

Noko noko (のこのこ) - Shameless. Nonchalant. Especially if they should be feeling shame.

Noro noro (のろのろ) - Slow. Sluggish.

Noso noso (のそのそ) - Slow. Lumbering. Usually large people or animals.

Nuku nuku (ぬくぬく) - 1. Snug. Comfortable.
2. Easy. Carefree.

Nuru nuru (ぬるぬる) - Slimy. Slippery.

Nyoro nyoro (にょろにょろ) - Something long and thin wriggling. Slithering.

Odo odo (おどおど) - Cowering. Restless with fear.

Oooo (おおおお) - A menacing roar. Can be an animal, can be mechanical (airplane, tank...)

Oro oro (おろおろ) - Confused. Flustered. Shaken up.

Ota ota (おたおた) - Too shocked to respond properly.

Ozu ozu (おずおず) - Trembling with fear. Timid.

Pa (ぱッ) - Sudden turning.

Pachi pachi (ぱちぱち) - 1. Flicking on and off.
2. Blinking.
3. Clapping. Applause.
4. Dripping wet.
6. Snapping, clattering, such as the sound of shutters.

Paku paku (ぱくぱく) - Opening and closing. Often someone eating a lot.

Pan pan (ぱんぱん) - Impact. Clapping, smacking.

Peko peko (ぺこぺこ) - 1. Being dented or bent back and forth (such as a sheet of metal).
2. Bowing again and again.
3. Famished.

Pera pera (ぺらぺら) - 1. Chattering away. Glib.
2. Speaking fluently in a foreign language.
3. Skimming through a book.
4. Cheap looking, thin cloth or wooden boards.

Pero pero (ぺろぺろ) - Licking.

Pichon (ぴちょん) - Drip.

Pika pika (ぴかぴか) - Sparkling. Shining. Brand new.

Pin pin (ぴんぴん) - Lively.

Piri piri (ぴりぴり) - 1. Edgy or testy. Tense.
2. Burning the tongue. Hot.
3. Tingle. Stinge.

Po (ぽ) - Flame or light.

Poka poka (ぽかぽか) - 1. Warm all throughout one's body.
2. Thumping. Sound of beating someone.

Pokon (ぽこん) - Plunk. Thud.

Pota pota (ぽたぽた) - Dripping.

Pui (ぷいっ) - Turning away quickly/rudely. Snubbing.

Pun pun (ぷんぷん) - 1. Someone extremely angry.
2. An intense smell.

Pyon pyon (ぴょんぴょん) - Hopping or skipping.

Raku raku (らくらく) - Comfortable.

Ran ran (らんらん) - Fiery. Blazing. Glaring.

Rou rou (ろうろう) - 1. Singing in a loud, clear voice.
2. Tired out.

Run run (るんるん) - Euphoric. Happy. Blissful.

Saba saba (さばさば) - 1. Relief. Getting a load off one's mind.
2. Speaking plainly. Candid.

Same zame (さめざめ) - Broken-hearted. Sorrowful.

Samu zamu (さむざむ) - Cold, desolate scene.

Seka seka (せかせか) - Someone acting hastily.

Shaa shaa (しゃあしゃあ) - Shamelessness when someone has done something wrong.

Shibi jimi (しびじみ) - 1. A deep feeling.
2. Doing something quietly or calmly.

Shibu shibu (しぶしぶ) - Doing something reluctantly.

Shige shige (しげしげ) - 1. Scrutinizing.
2. Visiting a place often.

Shiku shiku (しくしく) - 1. Sobbing. Weeping.
2. A dull pain. Like a toothache.

Shizu shizu (しずしず) - Acting or moving quietly or gracefully.

Shuwa (しゅわ) - A very quick movement. Something swishing around.

Soro soro (そろそろ) - 1. Doing something slowly and quietly.
2. Something approaching. Coming soon.

Sowa sowa (そわそわ) - Uneasy. Nervously excited. Restless. Fidgety.

Sugo sugo (すごすご) - Dejected. Feeling down.

Sui sui (すいすい) - Moving smoothly and easily.

Suku suku (すくすく) - Growing healthy and quickly.

Supa supa (すぱすぱ) - 1. Sound of cutting. Blades hitting each other.
2. Doing something easily. Quick or efficient.
3. Puffing, such as smoking.

Sura sura (すらすら) - Something going smoothly.

Sure sure (すれすれ) - 1. Extremely close.
2. Just in time.

Suya suya (すやすや) - Sleeping soundly.

Taji taji (たじたじ) - Recoiling. Cringing. Flinching. Overwhelmed by someone.

Tara tara (たらたら) - 1. Dripping liquid.
2. Endless complaining or boasting.

Teku teku (てくてく) - Walking far at a steady pace.

Tobo tobo (とぼとぼ) - Walking wearily. Trudging along.

Ton ton (とんとん) - 1. Gentle knocking. Someone walking.
2. Something going well.
3. Two things that are equal. (Equal gain and loss).

Tsuka tsuka (つかつか) - Walking briskly. Marching. Heading straight into something.

Tsun tsun (つんつん) - 1. Unsociable.
2. A sharp or bad smell.
3. Something growing and becoming pointed.

Tsuru tsuru (つるつる) - 1. Smooth. Polished.
2. Slipping on a smooth surface.
3. Sound of slurping noodles.

Tsuya tsuya (つやつや) - Glossy. Glistening.

Uda uda (うだうだ) - 1. Slow and lazy. Idle.
2. Someone speaking meaninglessly and long-winded.

Uja uja (うじゃうじゃ) - A swarm.

Uji uji (うじうじ) - Hesitant to do something (that someone wants to do).

Uki uki (うきうき) - Happy. Excited. Cheerful.

Uro uro (うろうろ) - 1. Wandering aimlessly. Loafing.
2. Losing sight of a goal.

Uto uto (うとうと) - Dozing. Napping.

Uzu uzu (うずうず) - Itching to do something. Sorely tempted.

Vuu (ヴー) - Vibration. It can be something like a cell phone vibrating, or a buzzing sound.

Wai wai (わいわい) - A lot of people making noise.

Waku waku (わくわく) - Excited. Thrilled.

Wan wan (わんわん) - Dog barking. Can also be what a child calls a dog.

Waza waza (わざわざ) - 1. Doing something on purpose regardless of whether it's needed.

Yasu yasu (やすやす) - Exceedingly easy.

Yobo yobo (よぼよぼ) - Weak and frail due to old age.

Yoro yoro (よろよろ) - Something unsteady on its feet. Tottering.

Yura yura (ゆらゆら) - Slow swaying. Wobbling. Rocking.

Yuru yuru (ゆるゆる) - 1. Something loose.
2. Slow movement.

Yusa yusa (ゆさゆさ) - Something large swaying.

Yuu yuu (ゆうゆう) - 1. Slow swaying. Wobbling.
2. Leisurely.

Za (ざ) - An energetic, fast motion.

Zaa zaa (ざあざあ) - 1. Sound of rushing water. Pouring rain.
2. Static on TV.

Zaku zaku (ざくざく) - 1. A lot of jewels or coins.
2. Chopping or cutting (such as vegetables.
3. Mixing gravel.
4. Sound of walking on gravel or frost.

Zeku (ぜく) - At a loss for words. Dumbfounded.

Zoku zoku (ぞくぞく) - 1. Chilliness.
2. Chills down the spine. Can be from many emotions; fear, anxiety, excitement.

Zoro zoro (ぞろぞろ) - 1. In a line.
2. Can be something trailing like a skirt.

Zuka zuka (ずかずか) - A bold or rude entrance.

Zuke zuke (ずけずけ) - Speaking bluntly. Frank.

Zuki zuki (ずきずき) - Thorbbing pain. Heartbreak.

Zuru zuru (ずるずる) - 1. Sound of dragging something.
2. Slurping.
3. Something being loose.
4. Unwanted situation that drags on.

Zusha (ずしゃっ) - Sliding.

Zuta zuta (ずたずけ) - 1. Torn, ragged.
2. Broken heart.