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I've made a list of ways for people to be able to help out, from direct donations to ways to earn money themselves. Thank you to anyone who participates.

Swag Bucks - This is my favorite spot for earning right now. It has great gift cards available, including a Paypal option to get straightforward cash. The best part is I don't really do anything. I download their toolbar and use it as my search.
When someone joins using my referral link, I get a Swag Buck for every Swag Buck they earn, up to 100SB. Even without any referrals I think this is worth it.

Opinion Outpost - A fairly clean, easy to figure out survey site. They offer 'Opinion Points'. 10 points = $1, and most surveys I've seen offered at least 10 points.

Surveyspot - The surveys don't always have good payouts, but they consistently have a lot of them, so it's still a good place and you can skip the ones that you don't want to do.

Inbox Dollars - I usually use the paid e-mails on here. I do surveys and other things if I see anything interesting.

SendEarnings - I basically use it the same way I use Inbox Dollars.

i-Say - Awards points that you can redeem for cash, Amazon gift cards, etc. Even if you don't qualify for a survey they'll give you points for looking at it.

Survey Savvy - Another straightforward one that rewards taking surveys with cash.

MindField Online - Cash surveys. You can get paid via paypal or standard check.

Vindale Research - You can do surveys, studies, polls, etc. and get paid via Paypal.

Valued Opinions - Yet another one that offers Amazon gifts cards and other things.

Lockerz - This site let's you earn points for doing very easy things, like answering questions and watching videos. You can use those points to redeem rewards. I just got a fancy hat for free the other day. And they constantly change what's available.
This is an a place that take invites. If you want an invite, e-mail me at and just ask for a Lockerz invite.