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Here's other manga that I've translated. Most of these will be short manga.

Hi Izuru Tokoro no Tenshi Hi Izuru Tokoro no Tenshi
Mediafire: Volume 1 (Complete)
Hi Izuru Tokoro no Tenshi is the story of Shotoku Taishi (Prince Umayado), a very famous historical figure in Japan. Because of the connection to real life people, their original titles and honorifics have been preserved, as well as the original way their names were spoken. Japan had a complex hierarchy, unique in its own right.
Some important terms:
Ookimi: The Emperor. Later, it would be "Tennō". Shotoku Taishi is credited for the change because of a famous letter sent to the ruler of China that he may have been responsible for (on page 5) where he spoke of the Emperor of Japan as if he was an equal to the Emperor of China. It's essentially "Great King" (Ookimi) VS "Heavenly King" (Tennō).
Ookisaki: The queen. This is different from the previously used "kisaki". It's more like saying the queen rather than a queen (as the men would have more than one lover). The term came into use at the time of Empress Suiko .
Ouji: A prince. It's important to note because of how extensive the royal family became there were many, many princes.
Oe: This is similar to "crown prince", but not exactly. The Oe wouldn't necessarily become the next Ookimi. Likely to be the younger brother of the previous Ookimi instead of the son.
no: In names, this is the German equivalent of "von".
Hime: A princess or lady of high birth.
Himemiko: The daughter of the Emperor.
Omi: Clan leaders who serve the court.
Ooomi: Higher ranking than the omi.
Edited by HotCakes.

Hi Izuru Tokoro no Tenshi 2 Hi Izuru Tokoro no Tenshi
Mediafire: Volume 2 (Complete)
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
With help from Umayado no Ouji, Buddhism has gained popularity, but things become tense after the next Ookimi passes away and the only candidate left to be the next Ookimi is Anahobe no Ouji.
Edited by HotCakes.

Hi Izuru Tokoro no Tenshi 3 Hi Izuru Tokoro no Tenshi
Mediafire: Volume 3 (Complete)
War has broken out and the new Ookimi is put in place. Emishi and Umayado no Ouji's relationship is strained, and Tojiko finally gets to come back home but she's changed.
Edited by HotCakes.

Hi Izuru Tokoro no Tenshi 4 Hi Izuru Tokoro no Tenshi
Mediafire: Part 1
The war is won, but now the new Ookimi seems to be making Umayado no Ouji an enemy. Worried about the future of the Soga family, Emishi's father doesn't think they can take his brash attitutde lying down.
Edited by HotCakes.

Tset Z Chapters 1-3 scanlations
Z is an offshoot of From Eroica With Love, featuring none other than Agent Z as the main character while he's a newbie spy working for Major Eberbach.

Z Chapter 1
Z takes on an enemy spy who loves roses while trying to protect the son of an important policitian.

Z Chapter 2
A man has mysteriously died, leaving behind a strange note and a screw. Z must find out what he can from the man's wife, but he begins falling for her.

Z Chapter 3
The Major assigns Z to protect an important engineer and his top secret documents but there's a lot more to the mission than the Major lets on as they try to find a double agent.

Tset 2 Z Chapters 4-End scanlations
Z Chapter 4 scanlations
Z does the one thing the Major keeps warning him not to do.

Z Chapter 5 scanlations
The Major sends Z to work temporarily for another agency after a suspicious suicide.

Z - Good Luck Z scanlations
The Major has sent all of his agents to Alaska except for Z, and Z keeps making mistakes.

Z - Code Name "Merely Jordan" scanlations
Yasuko Aoike's bonus chapter about random things. It was included in the first print of this book (ISBN4-592-11733-6 or 978-4592117339) but it is not included if you buy the later edition (ISBN4-253-15372-0 or 978-4253153720). Instead you'll have some extra color and black and white pictures, and the page numbers will be slightly different.

Rashanu! Rashanu Chapter 1 scanlations
Rashanu meets a beautiful girl in search of her brother and promises to find him for her. Translated by RajaJugaro and edited by Kinnetic of Aarinfantasy.

Rashanu Chapter 2 scanlations
Rashanu is kicked out of his home and sent to a boarding school where he meets a beautiful young man. Translated by RajaJugaro and edited by The Rabbit Reich.

Rashanu Chapter 3 scanlations
Rashanu's cousin bails him out of jail but she has to raise the money by offering to model for a creepy noble. Translated by RajaJugaro and edited by The Rabbit Reich.

Mineo Maya
A manga author well-known for his shoujo title, Patalliro!

Special Duty Combat Unit: Shinesman Shinesman Chapter 1 scanlations
Hiroya Matsumoto wants to follow in his father's footsteps as a businessman. However, upon entering Right Trading Company, he's recruited into the Special Duty Combat Unit, Shinesman, a top secret department in the company that fights against alien invaders. Along with his team-mates, Shinesman Moss Green and Shinesman Gray, Matsumoto fights off the aliens trying to steal their business' data as Shinesman Red! Edited by Band of the Hawks.

Shinesman Chapter 2 scanlations
The Shinesman have a new invention that will allow them to fly. However, there are still a few glitches to work out... Edited by Band of the Hawks.

Shinesman Chapter 3 scanlations
It's a hot day and everyone is trying to cool off, including the alien invaders. Prince Sasaki takes over the beach and has Seki guard so that he can go for a swim. But when the Shinesman show up Shinesman Red sees his bare skin! According to royal traditions, now he has to either kill him or marry him! Edited by Mangascreener

Shinesman Chapter 4
Shinesman Chapter 4 translations
When Matsumoto tells Sasaki that he can introduce him to "Red" he's talking about Greatman but Sasaki thinks he means Shinesman. They seem to be becoming friends when suddenly a monster appears. Who will save everyone... Wait a minute, Shinesman Sepia?!

Shinesman Chapter 5
Shinesman Chapter 5 translations
Youta meets Sepia's daughter, who insists on being called "Mari" instead of "Tamari". Poor Sepia has his hands full with his energetic and rebellious little girl. Will Tamari ever think her dad is cool?

Special Duty Combat Unit: Shinesman Shinesman Chapter 6
Shinesman Chapter 6 translations
Hidaka is full of energy, but she's stuck in a job where people just want her to copy documents and fetch tea. That is until Sakakibara decides she should become one of the Shinesman.

Kaimu Tachibana
She often draws manga that features boy's love. Her art style is very elegant.

The November Gymnasium The November Gymnasium scanlations
The November Gymnasium takes place in a boarding school. Eric is a new transfer student who happens to look just like another student, Thomas. Thomas wants to be friends with him, but Eric is annoyed by him and pushes him and other students away.

Diamond Cats Diamond Cats 1
Diamond Cats is about an idol group of the same name, made up of three members; Atsushi, Rio and Yuuki. The manga revolves around the relationship between Yuuki and Rio. It's very graphic and full of smut.

Diamond Cats 2 Diamond Cats 2
In the second volume, the Diamond Cats series ends halfway and there are two other short stories. The first is about a boy named Shiki who is in love with his long-time friend, Yuuka. The last story is about a boy in the hospital named Hiroshi, who is constantly pursued by another patient in the hospital, Kiichi. No matter what happens Kiichi keeps coming back to win his love.
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D front D
Neo Blood (
This is a rough translation and edit that I did back when I worked on Ja! WeiB Kreuz. While I was waiting for scans I translated this gorgeous doujinshi from Yu-Gi-Oh. This and the next doujinshi are by the same artist. As a big fan of Black Magician myself, I adore these two doujinshi.

D front Magic Missions
Neo Blood (
This is a rough translation and edit that I did back when I worked on Ja! WeiB Kreuz.