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I put anything not relating to the other pages here.

The Rabbit Reich
A scanlation group that prides itself on working on anything. When I was having trouble finding editors they contacted me, and have been doing Patalliro! since. They do quite a few other things besides Patalliro!, so check them out.

Hotcakes Scanlations
The scanlation group that edits Hi Izuru Tokoro no Tenshi.

The End
A scanlation group that finishes dropped projects from other scanlation groups.

Nakama Boy's Love Scanlations
Another scanlation site.

A scanlation site dedicated to shoujo. It has some interesting looking Sailor Moon doujinshi.

Boy's Love Games Headquarters
This site has many summaries, a list of quite a few games, a guide to installing Japanese and some other useful stuff if you're just learning about Boy's Love Games. This site also has a huge range of links, but some are broken or old. It also has guides about installing Japanese so you can play BL games.

Дневник Yaoi games!!
This is a Russian site about yaoi games. I've spoken with the owner a few times. She has used my translations to make some Russian translations for games.

One of my favorites sites. A lot of BL Game information can be found here. It's probably one of the best sites dedicated to yaoi all around, covering yaoi in all forms.

A page about Patalliro that has been around forever.

SMO Project
They're doing scanlations of Patalliro in Italian, using my translations from the series.

Patalliro! - A page written in Italian.

Chibi Chibi Fansub
Spanish translations based on my English ones.

Sim stuff
This is something I just found recently, but I think it's worth a look. If you enjoy Silver Chaos, Meowski of has made many sim skins of the characters.