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A Wolfram-centric doujinshi about Wolfram and his father's wish for him to be king. Editing provided by Chibi Chibi.

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Jon Jirako
This is a very short doujinshi with Conrad and Yuuri. Editing provided by Chibi Chibi.

Sentimental Kingdom
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Megamania (I can't find a site for this circle)
This doujinshi has very cute artwork. The main content consists of two separate short stories. Inside, Conrad seems to be the biggest YuuRam fan around. Please don't mind some of the shaky translations since it's just a doujinshi. Edited by Anath.

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Teku (
Yamane (
I love this doujinshi, it's very well-done. The artists for this doujinshi have done other KKM doujinshi (which I'm even more interested in seeing now).
Vio of Shattered Innocence did the editing for most of these pages (all of the comic pages). They're very well-done, so thank you Vio for your assistance.

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Kaori Hatsuyama (
Kaori Hatsuyama draws a variety of doujinshi, but most consist of Prince of Tennis doujinshi. She has also done Tsubasa Chronicles and a few other series. PurikuMa is a short doujinshi that she doesn't even have listed on her site.

Sorekara Kimi To
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Miracle Seed (Shuzuki Asa)
The title of this doujinshi basically translated to "And Then, With You".
I would love to promote the author or circle of this doujinshi, but I'm having a hard time finding any information about them. The doujinshi was made in 2004, so it's possible the group no longer exists.