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Patalliro! 11 Patalliro! Volume 11

Patalliro Chapter 39 scanlations
Patalliro Chapter 39 translations
A friend of Patalliro's need some help rescuing his sister from a wealthy noble who is forcing her to marry him.

Patalliro Chapter 40 scanlations
Patalliro Chapter 40 translations
An old rival of Patalliro's, Skunky, mails his robot to him so that their robots can be friends. But it seems awfully suspicious.

Patalliro Chapter 41 scanlations
Patalliro Chapter 41 translations
Bancoran keeps postponing his dates with Maraich because of work. Maraich gets fed up and runs off to Malynera's Embassy, and ends up running into someone from his distant past.

Patalliro Chapter 42 scanlations
Patalliro Chapter 42 translations
A stray cat named Nyanko bumps into a filthy rich cat named Mary Jane, but Mary Jane is being hunted by some people for inheriting a fortune. Can Nyanko save her?

Patalliro Chapter 43 scanlations
Patalliro Chapter 43 translations
Now that he's made Purara everyone is paying attention to her and ignoring Patalliro. Patalliro gets so upset that he's taken over by the ghost of the author and attempts to kill her.

Patalliro Chapter 44 scanlations
Patalliro Chapter 44 translations
Patalliro tries to dig up on dirt on Bancoran and discovers he's visiting a young boy in secret and giving him money.

Patalliro! 12 Patalliro! Volume 12

Patalliro Chapter 45 scanlations
Patalliro Chapter 45 translations
An old friend of Bancoran's, and the man who showed Bancoran how to love again, Damien Night, come back to MI6 headquarters after serving in America for 10 years. But something seems to be up with him and Patalliro time warps to the past to solve the mystery; with Maraich tagging along.

Patalliro! 13 Patalliro! Volume 13

Patalliro Chapter 46
This chapter is an alternate universe story not related to the main storyline of Patalliro, so I'm skipping it.

Patalliro Chapter 47 scanlations
Patalliro Chapter 47 translations
Purara is very irritable. Plasma isn't the cool dad she would want; instead he's a homemaker who gets pushed around by Afro. Patalliro enrolls her in a school so that she can get out and meet more people, but Plasma is worried about her and sneaks into the school.
Edited by HotCakes.

Patalliro Chapter 48 scanlations
Patalliro Chapter 48 translations
Patalliro's descendent has a problem. One of his troops from the Sunflower Force has gone time traveling and broken their machine.
Edited by HotCakes.

Patalliro Chapter 49 scanlations
Patalliro Chapter 49 translations
Maraich is acting as Patalliro's bodyguard temporarily. Unfortunately, the disguise Patalliro is wearing also looks exactly like a little boy named Mark who idolizes Maraich.
Edited by HotCakes.

Patalliro Chapter 50 scanlations
Patalliro Chapter 50 translations
A thief with fortune telling abilities is taking advantage of his gift. Zachary joins Patalliro and Bancoran in the fortune telling fight of his life. Who will come out on top?
Edited by HotCakes.

Patalliro! 14 Patalliro! Volume 14

Patalliro Chapter 51 scanlations
Patalliro Chapter 51 translations
Zachary has his eyes set on Bancoran, but Maraich is in the way.
Edited by HotCakes.

Patalliro Chapter 52 scanlations
Coming soon.
Patalliro Chapter 52 translations
Patalliro suddenly wakes up turned from a selfish little brat to a perfect king who worries about his people and refuses to do wrong.

Patalliro Chapter 53 scanlations
Coming soon.
Patalliro Chapter 53 translations
Purara is lonely so Patalliro builds her a robot brother, but Skunky switches his brain circuitry.

Patalliro Chapter 54 scanlations
Coming soon.
Patalliro Chapter 54 translations
Maraich has a nightmare that Bancoran is leaving him for someone else, so he follows Bancoran to work.

Patalliro Chapter 55 scanlations
Coming soon.
Patalliro Chapter 55 translations
Bancoran is haunted by his ex-lovers. Can he get rid of them before Maraich comes home?

Patalliro! 15 Patalliro! Volume 15

Patalliro Chapter 56 scanlations
Coming soon.
Patalliro Chapter 56 translations
One of Bancoran's men is a spy for Pyotr the Great. Bancoran needs to figure out which one.

Patalliro Chapter 57 scanlations
Coming soon.
Patalliro Chapter 57 translations
Afro and Purara have a fight, and things get worse when Afro turns up covered in a dangerous mold that's killing her.

Patalliro Chapter 58 scanlations
Coming soon.
Patalliro Chapter 58 translations
Dr. Brandt builds Purara a new mother and things get worse.

Patalliro Chapter 59 scanlations
Coming soon.
Patalliro Chapter 59 translations
Purara meets an elderly man who helps her out. Things turn for the worse for him and she doesn't know where she can turn for help.

Patalliro Chapter 60 scanlations
Coming soon.
Patalliro Chapter 60 translations
Purara decides to fly to Malynera to ask for help. Maraich can't shake the feeling that it was Purara he saw the other day and he goes to check.

Patalliro Chapter 61 scanlations
Coming soon.
Patalliro Chapter 61 translations
The plane Purara was on has been hijacked. Bancoran calls Patalliro immediately.

Mineo Maya
He's one of the few male artists in the shoujo genre.