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Patalliro! Volume 1 to 5 download (175MB).
Mediafire - 10/20/2013

Patalliro! 1 Patalliro! Volume 1

Chapter 1 translations
Bancoran is assigned to be the bodyguard for the hotheaded prince, Patalliro. He gets more than he bargained for, though, when it seems that Patalliro is just looking for trouble. Scanlation raws provided by Martina_SMO of the Aarinfantasy forums, editing provided by Suhi.
It's quite probable that Bancoran is named after Henri Bencolin, from John Dickson Carr's detective stories.

Patalliro Chapter 2 scanlations

Chapter 2 translations
Patalliro's father dies, leaving him to succeed the throne. A long time ago one of his aunts decided to marry a musician and left the royal family, but now Patalliro's long lost cousin is invited to the funeral. But he discovers that someone is trying to turn people against him...
Later, Junior comes to record the coronation for the news. A romance heats up between Bancoran and him, and he almost seems too good to be true.

Patalliro Chapter 3 scanlations

Chapter 3 translations
A young boy named Marion is claiming to be Patalliro's older brother. Could it really be true?
In this story Patalliro describes a confusing dream. This dream is a joke based on him being called "Cockroach Pretty Boy". The dream he describes is like him wandering into a trap for bugs.

Nekoma Tengoku

An extra story where Bancoran plays Kondo Isami and Patalliro tries to stop a war from happening between those who support the shogun and those who oppose him. This has nothing to do with the main storyline. Shin edited this chapter.

Gentle Demon

A girl and boy find shelter in a place where a legendary demon sucks out human souls. Translations were made by Translators 4 Sale. Scans were edited by Keita4ever.

Patalliro! 2 Patalliro! Volume 2

Chapter 4 has nothing to do with the main storyline and therefore I've skipped it.

Patalliro Chapter 5 scanlations

Chapter 5 translations
Patalliro is off to visit his mother and very excited, but Bancoran is worried there will be another attempt on his life. Can he beat the assassin, Maraich?
Maraich is possibly named after Malreich from Maurice LebLanc's series about Arsene Lupin.

Nekoma Tengu

Men have tried to kidnap the son of a wealthy merchant. Who are they and what can Nekoma Tengu do to help? Translated by Renji14 and edited by bella28385 of Aarinfantasy.

Patalliro! 3 Patalliro! Volume 3

Patalliro Chapter 6 scanlations

Chapter 6 translations
Patalliro has begun sleepwalking again. Unfortunately for Patalliro's troops, he does kung-fu in his sleep. Somehow they have to cure him and find someone who is trying to smuggle out diamonds.

Patalliro Chapter 7 scanlations

Chapter 7 translations
It seems like Maraich is plotting with the international terrorist, Casanova, in order to plant a bomb that'll kill the leaders of every nation.

Patalliro Chapter 8 scanlations

Chapter 8 translations
Patalliro's cousin Madeline has been kidnapped! He has to help them find her before it's too late.

Patalliro Chapter 9 scanlations

Chapter 9 translations
An old friend of Patalliro's, Christian, comes back from Europe because his sister is very ill. However, he's suspiciously interested in seeing Malynera's national treasure, Mistea.

Patalliro! 4 Patalliro! Volume 4

Patalliro Chapter 10 scanlations

Chapter 10 translations
A fake Maraich has infiltrated MI6 and is trying to steal their information.

Patalliro Chapter 11 scanlations

Chapter 11 translations
While MI6 works on taking out a drug operation Bancoran gets killed! It's up to Maraich to hunt down his killer.

Patalliro Chapter 12 scanlations

Chapter 12 translations
An old woman writes Patalliro a letter asking for him to help her rid herself of a vampire stalkers. But vampires don't really exist, do they?
This chapter was removed from later printings of Patalliro. Edited by PITA from Aarinfantasy.

Patalliro! 5 Patalliro! Volume 5

Patalliro Stardust Project scanlations

Stardust Project translations
A group called Tarantula is stealing all the diamonds in the world, but things become more complicated when Bjorn, Bancoran's lover before Maraich, reappears and as part of the group. But isn't he supposed to be dead...? Edited by Keita4ever.

Mineo Maya
He's one of the few male artists in the shoujo genre.