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Patalliro! Volume 6 to 10 download (188MB).
Mediafire - 10/20/2013

Patalliro! 6 Patalliro! Volume 6

Patalliro Chapter 15 scanlations

Patalliro Chapter 15 translations
Patalliro is going to inspect a new diamond seam that's going to be blown out, but he gets blasted into the past by the dynamite. He meets his ancestor, Patalliro the 7th, before Malynera is rich from diamonds. The British Empire is attacking countries all around the world and is demanding that Malynera surrender or be attacked. Can Patalliro help his ancestor defeat Admiral Bancoran and his superior weaponry to save Malynera? Edited by Keita4ever.

Patalliro Chapter 16 scanlations

Patalliro Chapter 16 translations
Patalliro is traveling to America to purchase some new equipment when he runs into Zachary, a psychic who always predicts the future correctly. He figures out a scheme in order to use Zachary's power to gamble and always when. How could it go wrong?
JuliaZeeGreat edited the scans.

Patalliro Chapter 17 scanlations

Patalliro Chapter 17 translations
Patalliro takes Maraich with him to the place the late king had studied at as a young man, but it seems the chancellor of the school is hiding something.
JuliaZeeGreat edited the scans.

Patalliro Chapter 18 scanlations

Patalliro Chapter 18 translations
Patalliro has a problem. Everytime he falls down or gets shaken up, he travels through time and he can't control where he goes. He ends up traveling to a time where Bancoran is still a young man living at home.
JuliaZeeGreat edited the scans.

Patalliro Chapter 19 scanlations

Patalliro Chapter 19 translations
Patalliro finds a cursed diamond and visits Zachary to try and find out the diamond's secret.
Many thanks for Masahiko from the Manga Jouhou forums for explaining a few of the references to me. JuliaZeeGreat edited the scans.

Patalliro! 7 Patalliro! Volume 7

Patalliro Chapter 20 scanlations

Patalliro Chapter 20 translations
Patalliro gets stuck with his little cousin, Mattalliro, who eats everything in sight. While trying to get rid of the immense amount of cockroaches in his room, Mattalliro drinks his chemicals and turns invisible. But besides his cockroach and cousin problems, there's also a mysterious man prying around the island.
Chapter edited by Keita4ever.

Patalliro Chapter 21 scanlations

Patalliro Chapter 21 translations
Patalliro gets kicked out of a funeral in Japan and ends up visiting a high school instead. There he meets a girl who used to be a hard-working student that helped start the student council, but for some reason she's been hanging out with the school's gang lately.
Chapter edited by Keita4ever.

Patalliro Chapter 22 scanlations

Patalliro Chapter 22 translations
An international thief threatens to steal a ruby from an art gallery. Patamodoki, a distant relative of Patalliro's, requests Bancoran's help to protect the ruby.
Scanlations edited by The Rabbit Reich.

Patalliro Chapter 23 scanlations

Patalliro Chapter 23 translations
A terrorist sneaks into Malynera in order to kidnap Patalliro and sell him for ransom. But things are never quite how they should be in Malynera.
Scanlations edited by The Rabbit Reich.

Patalliro Chapter 24 scanlations

Patalliro Chapter 24 translations
Patalliro's cousin is getting married and he's going to buy flowers from a mysterious flowershop owner for the reception. But they stumble upon the groom doing something suspicious in a graveyard.
Scanlations edited by The Rabbit Reich.

Patalliro! 8 Patalliro! Volume 8

Patalliro Chapter 25 scanlations

Patalliro Chapter 25 translations
Patalliro's son, Patalliro the 9nth (who looks exactly like Patalliro) has his own adventure when an alien shows up on his planet and his cousin Lulu Belle instantly falls for him. He suspects something is off about the alien but no one will believe him.
Scanlations edited by The Rabbit Reich.

Patalliro Chapter 26 scanlations

Patalliro Chapter 26 translations
Rashanu witnesses the murder of a man and is the only one who sees the criminal unmasked. He's taken in so that they can make a facial composite of the criminal. Patalliro has made a new machine that draws facial composites, but when he tests it out on Rashanu it makes him forget what he saw.
Scanlations edited by The Rabbit Reich.

Patalliro Chapter 28 scanlations

Patalliro Chapter 28 translations
Patalliro plays some cruel jokes on Plasma X and goes too far. How is he going to make it up to him after Plasma X runs away?
Scanlations edited by The Rabbit Reich.

Patalliro! 9 Patalliro! Volume 9

Patalliro Chapter 29 scanlations

Patalliro Chapter 29 translations
Maraich and Bancoran go to General Grosvenor's birthday party. General Grosvenor helped Bancoran get his start with the information bureau. But when the general goes out to the guest house for a bit, Maraich finds him dead! What happened?
Scanlations edited by The Rabbit Reich.

Patalliro Chapter 30 scanlations

Patalliro Chapter 30 translations
Maraich and Bancoran help the police track down some drug smugglers, but when Maraich disguises himself as a pianist he gets in more trouble than he planned.
Scanlations edited by The Rabbit Reich.

Patalliro Chapter 31 scanlations

Patalliro Chapter 31 translations
Tamanegi 21 isn't happy being one of the Tamanegi. He agrees to go along with a plot to hurt Malynera so he can get money to move away, but Patalliro catches onto his plot.
Scanlations edited by Loverlie.

Patalliro Chapter 32 scanlations

Patalliro Chapter 32 translations
Patalliro the 10nth is exiled to the past where he finds his ancestor. It seems in the future the world is united, but all of the world leaders are being manipulated by a man with the power to manipulate people with his eyes. Can they stop Master One?
Scanlations edited by Loverlie.

Patalliro Chapter 33 scanlations

Patalliro Chapter 33 translations
Patalliro tries to make a super duck in order to win a trophy from his egg-hatching club, but accidentally makes a big fat duck. When he calls up to ask about the trophy it turns out the grandson of the chairman has been kidnapped.
Scanlations edited by Loverlie.

Patalliro! 10 Patalliro! Volume 10

Patalliro Chapter 34 scanlations

Patalliro Chapter 34 translations
Afro has no interest in Plasma X and just pushes him around. Then Plasma finds a dinosaur egg and starts raising it like his own. But Afro gets terribly jealous and decides to punish Plasma.
Scanlations edited by Loverlie.

Patalliro Chapter 35 scanlations

Patalliro Chapter 35 translations
A KGB spy is dressing up as Bancoran and killing people and a little boy needs a heart transplant but he has an extremely rare blood type and only Patalliro can help.
Scanlations edited by Loverlie.

Patalliro Chapter 36 scanlations

Patalliro Chapter 36 translations
Bancoran is trying to deal with a jealous ex-boyfriend and Maraich gets pregnant with their child.
Scanlations edited by Loverlie.

Patalliro Chapter 37 scanlations

Patalliro Chapter 37 translations
Patalliro decides to write a book about the French Revolution. He decides the best way to get information is to go back in time and see what it was like for himself.
Scanlations edited by Loverlie.

Patalliro Chapter 38 scanlations

Patalliro Chapter 38 translations
Patalliro finds a boy who has the power to heal people named Robbie. Robbie's greatest dream is to go to the moon, so Patalliro starts charging people to get healed. But then they discover something about Robbie's power...
Scanlations edited by Loverlie.

Mineo Maya
He's one of the few male artists in the shoujo genre.