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In the Allgreen Kingdom, many years after a devastating war, there are lots of war orphans. Everything has been peaceful and the world is recovering, but...

Adonis Lalala, I'm Adonis, and I was raised with Might in an orphanage, and now we go to the same training school. I'm going to be a great healer and heal lots of people, and Might is going to be a knight, and we're always going to be together and live happily ever after.
Background Character I'm a random student skipping down the hall. By the way, Adonis, Might has been fatally wounded.
Adonis Oh, fugnuggets. Now I'm going to see Might in the clinic.
Might I'm unconscious!
Adonis Oh no, what happened?
Background Character Now I'm a teacher and/or a doctor, because I'm too lazy to summarize their parts separately. Might was practicing with another student and an apparition appeared, and while he was fighting it off he fell off a cliff.
Adonis Wah, Might! Can't you save him?
Background Character We've done everything we can. Oh, now I'm a doctor.
Adonis Wah! I'm going to walk depressed down the corridor at night because I'm sad and sulky.
Demon? Hello. I'm a mysterious figure that has come from nowhere.
Adonis Eep. Who are you?
Demon? That doesn't matter. What matters is I have this highly suspicious book that can save your friend's life.
Adonis Isn't that the forbidden book that's sealed away in the palace?
Demon? I'm not answering that question, because I'm going to mysteriously disappear.
Adonis Wah, I'm still so depressed. I'm going to visit Might again.
Might I'm still dying, but now I'm spasming.
Adonis Wah, Might! I don't care what happens because of this highly suspicious book, I have to save Might. Now I'm chanting the text from the book. Chant chant chant.
Background Character I'm an evil demon, and I should have an icon of my own but was too lazy to make another icon. I'm like, evil and stuff. Grr.
Adonis Eep.
Background Character Now I'm kidnapping Adonis.
Adonis Eep.
Might I'm becoming semi-conscious just in time to see Adonis being swept away by an evil shadow thing. And then I'm passing out again.

Might Oh no, I've woken up again in a dungeon. What's going on?
Hector I'm Hector. I'm filling the role of the slightly evil student who can get away with anything.
Might What happened? How did I get here?
Hector Adonis used a highly forbidden book to bring you back to life, so now you're being kept here.
Might I thought you were anti-social, why are you guarding me?
Hector Because I hate you. I'm going to torture you now.
Might Wah!
Hector *torture torture*
Might Ok, he's gone. Now what do I do?
Demon? Yo.
Might Who are you?
Demon? That doesn't matter. Do you want me to get you out?
Might Hmm....

Option 1 : Okie dokie.

Option 2 : I don't trust strange men in cloaks that don't look human. And I like being tortured.

Option 3 : Go Back