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He is the Demon King of fear, he is an ominous black, but it's strangers that say those are his true colors. He's actually just a wimpy high school boy with a useless sword and average intelligence. Although he has unreliable magic he's blessed with that smiling face, bonds, and a gentle heart that brings happiness to the people it touches.
Led by fate, the 27nth demon king brought from Earth to Shin Makoku, Shibuya Yuuri, is supported by his companions, and only he can confront this great test and go on.

Character File Translations
Just as it says, these are descriptions of each character. There's many pictures printed on each page with blurbs written around them.

Some people might wonder where "Mark of the Maoh" came from. "Ma no Tsuku" means "Someone connected to the Ma" or "Someone with the symbol of Ma" ("Ma" being the word for demon, and "Maoh" being the word for demon king). Rather than translate it as "You Are The Maoh", I wanted to try and keep it closer to the simple catch-phrase that it is.
"Manimation" is another one of those silly puns and isn't a typo.