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Tomo Takabayashi Presents
You Are The Maoh From Today On!
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Kyou kara Ma no Tsuku Jiyuugyou!

Kingofbraves of Shinsen-Subs, Snoopycool, also known as Wolf of Tokuplex has been exceedingly kind in answering questions I've had while translating this novel. My Japanese teachers have also been very kind and patient with me, and in helping me understand what I was reading so I can (eventually) put up correct and accurate translations. My sincerest thanks go to them all.

Chapter 1
Yuuri is your average high school student. When he reluctantly stops to help a friend that's being picked on, he ends up flushed down a toilet and transported to another world.

Chapter 2
Meet Günter, the epitome of beauty. Yuuri is told that he is supposedly the Maoh (demon king) of this strange new world. What is a boy to believe?

Chapter 3
Yuuri is brought to Shin Makoku, where he meets Conrad's older and younger brother, Gwendal and Wolfram. But he's not about to be received with welcoming arms.
Chapter 3 is not entirely proofread for accuracy. Please take these translations as an 'idea' of what happens in the novel.

Chapter 4
Yuuri is invited to dinner with the Mazoku.

Chapter 5
Yuuri needs to practice for his duel with Wolfram. He spends some quality time with Conrad and finds they have a lot in common. A little too much, even.

Chapter 6
It's finally the time of the duel, but how is Yuuri going to defeat Wolfram?

Chapter 7
The duel between Yuuri and Wolfram takes a sudden twist.

Chapter 8
Yuuri wakes up, and finally has a conversation with Wolfram. But is Wolfram his friend or his enemy?

Chapter 9
Yuuri and Wolfram head to a troubled village.

Chapter 10
Yuuri's coronation goes horribly wrong.

Chapter 11
Some words from the author. This was difficult to translate because I have much less context to work with and it was more conversational.

Tomo Takabayashi

Temari Matsumoto